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"When I consider Your Heavens…"



Questioning my way to Jesus… by Pavitra Viswanath

"I went to a school in India run by catholic nuns. During my schooling, although I was taught morals (for which I'm thankful), I learned nothing about the Person of Jesus Christ -- that He is fully God who came... Continue Reading →


The Saint who changed my life forever… by Rahel Chakola

"This is a story about a person named Austin Orji. Actually, it’s a story about Jesus who used a person named Austin gloriously. Austin came to India from Nigeria in June 2014 to pursue his career goals. He joined the... Continue Reading →

Delays are not denials – In memory of Molly Zachariah

"Is there any prayer that is not answered - sooner or later, directly or indirectly? I think there is nothing called an unanswered prayer and I am speaking from experience. But first- let us see what the Bible says about... Continue Reading →

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