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"When I consider Your Heavens…"



Va-LENT-ine’s Day

February 14th 2018 - It’s not every year that Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day. Valentine’s Day, a day that is looked upon by people all over the world as a time to celebrate love –... Continue Reading →


Fruitfulness – A command or something more?

"By this the Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and prove to be My disciples" Over the past couple of weeks, I have wondered what bearing good fruit means. Many of us have been taught that we must be faithful in the... Continue Reading →

The Wall of Blessings

Every year, towards the end of December, our dear friend, Pervin Varma, and her family gather at her home in Bangalore to celebrate Christmas and to bring in the New Year. The celebration lasts for days with people pulling off... Continue Reading →

It’s been an amazing year…or has it?

2017 has been such a wonderful year, and we’re all prepared to enter 2018 with joy and gratitude in our hearts. So many of us rejoiced this year – some of you finished college, or got into your favorite one,... Continue Reading →

A confusing and disappointing Christmas…

Confused, disappointed and frustrated, we stood on the street, outside the gate of the home that took care of blind children. Nothing had gone as planned… Every Advent season, some of us would go out carol singing to orphanages and... Continue Reading →

Set Me Free…

She sat in her cell – alone, angry, frustrated. The chains that bound her felt heavier than before. Weeping and screaming in agony, she cried, “no more of this! no more of this!” She pleaded, but it seemed like her... Continue Reading →


"I woke up late for work one morning. As I was getting ready, I put on a shirt that I hadn’t worn for around a month now only to find that it didn’t fit me anymore. At first, I was... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Your Calling

How often do we dream and feel called to something only to find that we stay still, that doors don’t open, that nothing changes? How often does God command us to ready ourselves, sending us scrambling to prepare for what’s... Continue Reading →


With so many #MothersDay posts going up on Facebook and other posts stating that they don’t need a ‘Mothers’ Day’ to express their love for their mothers, I think it’s great that so many of us take a day out... Continue Reading →

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